UNDP, July 27, 2021

Transforming Africa

African nations are rising to the challenge of the climate crisis, building resilient livelihoods and accelerating action on the Paris Agreement

Climate change impacts including drought, desertification, erosion and flooding are pushing farmers in Ghana to the edge. An uptick in increasingly erratic rainfall with long dry periods as the result of climate change is upending age-old farming traditions, derailing development gains, and creating new obstacles as farmers strive to feed their families, and create lasting opportunities.

The Government of Ghana is implementing a livelihoods diversification and water resources project funded by the Adaptation Fund and supported by UNDP that has reached over 11,000 direct beneficiaries (60% women) with new income-generating activities included fish farming, dry season gardening and honey production, among others. Ten community dams were successfully rehabilitated, giving over 20,000 people more reliable access to water for irrigation and animal rearing throughout the year. This means the next time drought hits, local farmers will have a way to keep their crops alive and their families fed.

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