UNDP Uzbekistan, April 28, 2020

UNDP Uzbekistan: Climate change adaptation measures ensure food security in Karakalpakstan

During the total quarantine, residents of the five northern districts of Karakalpakstan have constant access to agricultural products. With the support of the United Nations Development Programme, to ensure climate resilience of farms and dekhkan farms located in the arid regions of Uzbekistan – in Muynak, Kegeyli, Takhtakupyr, Chimbay and Kanlykul districts – 564 greenhouses have been constructed over the past two years. Over 2000 people have been trained in the methods of growing planting stock and vegetable and melon crops under cover.

In a situation of self-isolation of the population, priority includes issues of ensuring food security. Now more than 1000 families in the project pilot districts were able to build their own greenhouses, i.e. 5000 people – family members of the owners of these greenhouses now have income, without leaving home. In the near future, we plan to assist in the construction of additional 2,000 small greenhouses, which will create 2,000 jobs at home, as well as the access of 10,000 people to vegetable and melon products,” says Bakhit Aybergenov, the specialist of UNDP project, which is implemented jointly with Uzhydromet.

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