[VIDEO]: Enhancing Climate Resilience in San Cristóbal Province in the Dominican Republic

The Adaptation Fund project in San Cristóbal Province in the Dominican Republic, funded by the Adaptation Fund (AF) and implemented by its national implementing partner in the country, the Dominican Institute of Integral Development (IDDI), is providing water access directly to homes for the first time, sustainable forestry farming which includes intercropping and tree planting to stabilize hilly forest areas against mudslides, and improve water and food security against drought and heavy rains due to climate change.

The project provided training and jobs to 113 community based eco-promotors like Alejandro in adaptation, engineering and maintenance of the water system – which is managed by gravity with rainwater flowing down from a reservoir at the mountaintop, passing through a purification system and eventually reaching the water tank below and outdoor faucets next to each home.

The Adaptation Fund team visited the project site in the community of San Francisco as part of the 2023 Annual NIE seminar held in Santo Domingo that brought together AF’s national implementing entities (NIEs) from around the globe.