Adaptation Fund’s Fourth Readiness Webinar to Focus on Monitoring and Evaluation

Washington, D.C. (April 19, 2017) — The Adaptation Fund launches its fourth Readiness Webinar on April 20 with the topic of “Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) in Adaptation Projects.”

The webinar will bring together many of the Fund’s 25 accredited National Implementing Entities (NIEs) from around the world to share and exchange practical experiences implementing the Adaptation Fund’s Results-Based Management (RBM) approach, and to further discuss best practices for applying M&E in adaptation work. The webinar will feature speakers from NIEs in Costa Rica (Fundecooperación para el Desarrollo Sostenible), Rwanda (Ministry of Natural Resources) and Senegal (Centre de Suivi Ecologique), who will share M&E experiences from the country level.

Adaptation Fund Board Secretariat staff will also discuss the Adaptation Fund M&E system, provide an overview of the Fund’s RBM approach, how information collected from NIEs ties together to achieve Fund goals, various RBM tools, and the Fund’s reporting process from project inception through final evaluation.

The Adaptation Fund developed an RBM framework in 2010 to support its strategic priorities, policies and guidelines through an approach that incorporates measuring results with widely recognized tools, assessing risk on an ongoing basis, and incorporating learning into strategies, projects and programmes. As part of the Fund’s reporting requirements, NIEs are required to submit an annual Project Performance Report that tracks finances, risk and implementation progress toward identified project milestones and goals.

The Adaptation Fund’s RBM framework incorporates international standards and best practices while using an approach with clear objectives and measurable indicators that support and enhance our projects and programmes, with the end goal of helping vulnerable communities effectively adapt to climate change,” advised Mikko Ollikainen, Manager of the Adaptation Fund Board Secretariat.

The Adaptation Fund began holding webinars in November 2015 to offer NIEs the opportunity to learn from each other’s experiences, as well as delve deeper and engage on timely thematic issues under discussion. The first Readiness Webinar focused on community engagement and stakeholder consultation in adaptation projects while the second centered on knowledge management, and the third on managing environmental, gender and social risks in Adaptation Fund projects.

In addition to the other capacity building events we hold through the Readiness Programme for Climate Finance, the webinars provide an important platform for NIEs to discuss at a technical level, practical approaches to adaptation, during their management of all aspects of the climate adaptation and resilience project, from design through implementation to monitoring and evaluation,” said Farayi Madziwa, Program Officer of the Adaptation Fund Board Secretariat. “We survey the NIEs in advance on the topics they’d like to discuss, and the webinars have really been successful in sharing relevant best practices, guidance and practical experiences in areas that are pivotal to the implementation, progress and success of projects.”

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