NIE providing South-South Cooperation

Unidad para el Cambio Rural (UCAR) / Unit for Rural Change
Latin America and the Caribbean

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South-South Cooperation Experience

Between 2013 and 2016, the Unit for Rural Change (UCAR) provided technical support to the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of Argentina in two main topics: the management of grant funds financed by the Adaptation Fund (specifically for the project “Increasing Climate Resilience and Enhancing Sustainable Land Management in the Southwest of Buenos Aires Province”) and the application for accreditation with the Green Climate Fund (UCAR is accredited since march of 2016).

Also, members of the technical team of UCAR’s Environmental and Social Unit have assisted in the formulation of Projects of Adaptation to Climate Change submitted by Central American countries before the Adaptation Fund, as well as the dissemination of lessons learned regarding adaptation finance at several regional forums.

Lastly, in terms of South-South Cooperation and Rural Development, the UCAR has received missions from several regional and international institutions promoted by the various multi-lateral financing organizations, with the purpose of studying UCAR’s way of work. For further information, please visit UCAR’s website.