Learning and sharing is key to climate adaptation and resilience building

With over 90 countries involved in Adaptation Fund activities, a rich knowledge base has been created for countries

Last year, participants from 12 different nations met in a drought-stricken region of central Chile to share lessons on how to adapt water and resilient agriculture practices to tackle climate change.

The representatives learnt new ways to plough and aerate fields at risk of drought and how to adapt irrigation and water collection to more unpredictable rainfall by viewing resilience efforts first-hand in the South American country.

By bringing together various nations, with unique ways of tackling the issues they face on a daily basis, such exchange visits help to work towards a common goal of climate adaptation.

Sharing and learning from tangible actions in the field is a big part of the Adaptation Fund’s focus.

With 100 concrete adaptation projects on the ground and activities in over 90 countries, the Adaptation Fund has developed a rich knowledge base that countries and others can learn from to multiply the efforts of the Fund’s work. All the projects also include a knowledge management component built into them.

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