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911, 2022

Youth Engagement is pivotal to climate adaptation programmes

9 November 2022|Project Stories|

211, 2022

[VIDEO] Adaptation Fund: Full Steam Ahead to COP27 of Implementation

2 November 2022|News Multimedia|

111, 2022

Project Story- Adaptation Fund in Egypt

1 November 2022|Project Stories|

3110, 2022

[UNEP]: Farmers adapt to climate crisis on Burundi’s precarious hillsides

31 October 2022|In The News|

2010, 2022

Adaptation Fund Board Adopts New 5-Year Strategy to Build and Expand on Successes of its Pillars in Action, Innovation, and Learning and Sharing

20 October 2022|Press Releases|

1210, 2022

Live Streaming of the 39th Adaptation Fund Board Meeting

12 October 2022|Announcements|

1110, 2022

World Meteorological Organization (WMO): Climate change puts energy security at risk

11 October 2022|In The News|

2809, 2022

[VIDEO]: The Adaptation Fund Continues to Grow, Offering More Opportunities for Vulnerable Countries

28 September 2022|News Multimedia|

2309, 2022

Adaptation Fund’s Annual Direct Access Seminar Brings Vulnerable Countries Together to Enhance Climate Action

23 September 2022|Press Releases|

1209, 2022

[UNEP]: Can this portable dam help Africa counter rising waters?

12 September 2022|In The News|

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