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412, 2023

[NEWS RELEASE]: Adaptation Fund Mobilizes Over US$ 188 Million in New Pledges at COP28 for the Most Climate-Vulnerable

4 December 2023|Press Releases|

412, 2023

Have your Say! Shaping a new funding modality for locally led adaptation

4 December 2023|Uncategorized|

312, 2023

[News Release] Adaptation Fund Demonstrates Commitment to Strengthening Health Adaptation and Resilience at COP 28 in Dubai

3 December 2023|Press Releases|

312, 2023

[News Release] Enhancing access and increasing impact: the role of the multilateral climate funds

3 December 2023|Press Releases|

2911, 2023

[UNDP]: Harvest and Take Care of the Environment

29 November 2023|In The News|

2211, 2023

[PROJECT STORY]: The Subtle Art of Scaling Up Climate Adaptation

22 November 2023|Project Stories|

1711, 2023

[PROJECT STORY]: Adaptation Fund Sustainable Water and Farming Project in Dominican Republic Brings Countries Together in Learning Visit

17 November 2023|Project Stories|

1611, 2023

Adaptation Fund Study Shows How Disaster Risk Reduction and Early Warning Systems Strengthen Long-Term Resilience to Climate Change

16 November 2023|Press Releases|

711, 2023

AF Side Event at Asia Pacific Climate Week

7 November 2023|Announcements|

711, 2023

Innovation Days 2023 Playbook

7 November 2023|News Multimedia|

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