Press Releases

Press Releases

2507, 2019

Adaptation Fund Opens Doors to Climate Finance to New National Implementing Partners in Zimbabwe and Tuvalu

25 July 2019|Press Releases|

2507, 2019

Adaptation Fund Board Approves 10 New Climate Adaptation Projects at US$ 93 Million in July Intersessional Decisions

25 July 2019|Press Releases|

406, 2019

Adaptation Fund, Green Climate Fund Convene First Community of Practice Meeting of Direct Access Entities to Climate Finance

4 June 2019|Press Releases|

605, 2019

Adaptation Fund and National Implementing Partner AGCID-Chile to Host Country Learning Exchange in Chile

6 May 2019|Press Releases|

2404, 2019

Adaptation Fund Readiness Webinar to Share Best Practices on Knowledge Management Systems for Climate Adaptation

24 April 2019|Press Releases|

504, 2019

Young Inspirational Leader Greta Thunberg Wins Freedom Prize for Driving Climate Action, Donates a Share of Prize Money to Adaptation Fund

5 April 2019|Press Releases|

2603, 2019

Long-Time Adaptation Fund Specialist Daouda Ndiaye Leaves Legacy of Knowledge, Building Relationships During AF Tenure

26 March 2019|Press Releases|

2103, 2019

Adaptation Fund Board Approves New Projects and Advances Transition Process to Serve Paris Agreement Smoothly

21 March 2019|Press Releases|

1403, 2019

New AFB Chair Takes Helm at First Board Meeting Since Adaptation Fund Has Been Serving Paris Agreement

14 March 2019|Press Releases|

803, 2019

Adaptation Fund to Host Regional Workshop in Ghana with Goal to Enhance Climate Finance Readiness for Central African Countries

8 March 2019|Press Releases|

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