Press Releases

Press Releases

1612, 2020

Adaptation Fund Raises Nearly US$ 116 Million in New Pledges for Adaptation Action in Most Vulnerable Countries

16 December 2020|Press Releases|

912, 2020

Adaptation Fund Accredits UNIDO as its 52nd Implementing Entity to Further Adaptation Action

9 December 2020|Press Releases|

312, 2020

Adaptation Fund Accelerates Climate Responses through its Pillars of Action, Innovation, and Learning and Sharing

3 December 2020|Press Releases|

1811, 2020

USD 10 Million to Foster Innovation of Adaptation Practices in Vulnerable Countries Now Available to Diverse Group of Potential Recipients

18 November 2020|Press Releases|

411, 2020

Adaptation Fund Board Approves Additional Funding Windows to Provide New Adaptation Opportunities for Vulnerable Countries

4 November 2020|Press Releases|

1910, 2020

Adaptation Fund Study Shows the Value of Global Actions to Enhance Country Ownership over Climate Finance

19 October 2020|Press Releases|

610, 2020

New Adaptation Fund Study Showcases Effective Locally-Led Actions On the Ground

6 October 2020|Press Releases|

2109, 2020

Adaptation Fund’s First Virtual Project Visit a Success

21 September 2020|Press Releases|

308, 2020

[Comunicado de Prensa] Curso de aprendizaje virtual del Fondo de Adaptación dirigido a ampliar el acceso al financiamiento para el clima, ahora en español

3 August 2020|Press Releases|

107, 2020

Adaptation Fund Board Accredits United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization as Fund’s 51st Implementing Entity

1 July 2020|Press Releases|

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