Press Releases

Press Releases

310, 2023

Government of Quebec Announces New CA$ 10 Million Pledge to Adaptation Fund, at Adaptation Futures 2023 in Montreal

3 October 2023|Press Releases|

2607, 2023

Fighting Rising Seas and Sinking Lands in Indonesia with Adaptation Resolve and Ingenuity

26 July 2023|Press Releases|

1407, 2023

Adaptation Fund Reaccreditations of World Bank and Asian Development Bank Help Unlock More Options for Climate-Vulnerable Countries

14 July 2023|Press Releases|

2305, 2023

Notification to Adaptation Fund National, Regional and Multilateral Implementing Entities regarding Fund’s update on temporary measures taken as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic

23 May 2023|Press Releases|

3003, 2023

Adaptation Fund Board Approves Implementation Plan for New 5-Year Strategy, Greenlights US$ 74 Million in New Projects

30 March 2023|Press Releases|

2103, 2023

Adaptation Fund Poised to Further Adaptation Action as it Prepares to Launch 5-Year Plan, on Heels of IPCC Report

21 March 2023|Press Releases|

1511, 2022

Adaptation Fund Receives Nearly US$ 243 Million Mobilized in 2022 for the Most Climate-Vulnerable at COP27 in Egypt

15 November 2022|Press Releases|

2010, 2022

Adaptation Fund Board Adopts New 5-Year Strategy to Build and Expand on Successes of its Pillars in Action, Innovation, and Learning and Sharing

20 October 2022|Press Releases|

2309, 2022

Adaptation Fund’s Annual Direct Access Seminar Brings Vulnerable Countries Together to Enhance Climate Action

23 September 2022|Press Releases|

609, 2022

Adaptation Fund Study: Streamlined Accreditation Process has Value in Opening Doors to Climate Finance for Smaller Entities

6 September 2022|Press Releases|

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