Press Releases

Press Releases

2109, 2020

Adaptation Fund’s First Virtual Project Visit a Success

21 September 2020|Press Releases|

308, 2020

[Comunicado de Prensa] Curso de aprendizaje virtual del Fondo de Adaptación dirigido a ampliar el acceso al financiamiento para el clima, ahora en español

3 August 2020|Press Releases|

107, 2020

Adaptation Fund Board Accredits United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization as Fund’s 51st Implementing Entity

1 July 2020|Press Releases|

2906, 2020

Le Fonds d’adaptation lance la version française de la formation en ligne conçu pour faciliter l’accès à la finance climat

29 June 2020|Press Releases|

206, 2020

Adaptation Fund Board Greenlights Six New Concrete Adaptation Projects on the Ground, Totaling US$ 31 Million

2 June 2020|Press Releases|

2905, 2020

Hill Women of India’s Himalayas Chart Path in Fight against COVID-19 Impacts for Isolated Communities

29 May 2020|Press Releases|

2905, 2020

Adaptation Fund Projects Build Climate Resilience While Promoting Sustainable Development

29 May 2020|Press Releases|

1105, 2020

Adaptation Fund Board Accredits New Direct Access Entity FIRCA in Côte d’Ivoire, Enhancing Access to Climate Finance

11 May 2020|Press Releases|

1304, 2020

Adaptation Fund Study Provides Concrete Successes, Lessons and Potential Models for Integrating Gender Considerations in Climate Change Adaptation Projects

13 April 2020|Press Releases|

204, 2020

New Adaptation Fund Board Chair Aims to Build on AF Achievements, Expand AF Revenue Sources and Country Funding Opportunities

2 April 2020|Press Releases|

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