Press Releases

Press Releases

1511, 2022

Adaptation Fund Receives Nearly US$ 243 Million Mobilized in 2022 for the Most Climate-Vulnerable at COP27 in Egypt

15 November 2022|Press Releases|

2010, 2022

Adaptation Fund Board Adopts New 5-Year Strategy to Build and Expand on Successes of its Pillars in Action, Innovation, and Learning and Sharing

20 October 2022|Press Releases|

2309, 2022

Adaptation Fund’s Annual Direct Access Seminar Brings Vulnerable Countries Together to Enhance Climate Action

23 September 2022|Press Releases|

609, 2022

Adaptation Fund Study: Streamlined Accreditation Process has Value in Opening Doors to Climate Finance for Smaller Entities

6 September 2022|Press Releases|

1208, 2022

Youth Engagement Paramount in Enhancing Climate Adaptation Projects, Adaptation Fund Study Finds

12 August 2022|Press Releases|

2605, 2022

Transboundary Adaptation Actions Promote Efficiency of Resource Use and Opportunities for Learning, Adaptation Fund Study Finds

26 May 2022|Press Releases|

1905, 2022

Adaptation Fund Raises Awareness of Climate Adaptation to Students of Prominent International School Based in Italy

19 May 2022|Press Releases|

1404, 2022

Adaptation Fund Board Advances Development of Fund’s Next 5-Year Strategy to Build and Expand Upon Fund’s Successes

14 April 2022|Press Releases|

2403, 2022

Adaptation Fund Study Shows Continuous Improvement and Periodic Re-Accreditations Strengthen Institutional Capacity of Implementing Entities

24 March 2022|Press Releases|

2303, 2022

Adaptation Fund Receives US$ 6 Million from Japan in Country’s First Ever Contribution to Fund

23 March 2022|Press Releases|

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