Press Releases

Press Releases

2905, 2020

Adaptation Fund Projects Build Climate Resilience While Promoting Sustainable Development

29 May 2020|Press Releases|

1105, 2020

Adaptation Fund Board Accredits New Direct Access Entity FIRCA in Côte d’Ivoire, Enhancing Access to Climate Finance

11 May 2020|Press Releases|

1304, 2020

Adaptation Fund Study Provides Concrete Successes, Lessons and Potential Models for Integrating Gender Considerations in Climate Change Adaptation Projects

13 April 2020|Press Releases|

204, 2020

New Adaptation Fund Board Chair Aims to Build on AF Achievements, Expand AF Revenue Sources and Country Funding Opportunities

2 April 2020|Press Releases|

1803, 2020

Notification to National, Regional and Multilateral Implementing Entities of the Adaptation Fund in relation to COVID-19 outbreak

18 March 2020|Announcements, Press Releases|

903, 2020

Adaptation Fund Board Meeting in Bonn Postponed Due to COVID-19; Shortened Virtual Meeting Being Planned

9 March 2020|Press Releases|

1912, 2019

Pair of Decisions Made at COP 25 Help Solidify Institutional Arrangements of Adaptation Fund

19 December 2019|Press Releases|

1312, 2019

Adaptation Fund Reaches Close to USD 90 Million in New Pledges for 2019 at COP 25 Climate Conference

13 December 2019|Press Releases|

512, 2019

Adaptation Fund Launches New Grant Programme to Foster Innovation of Adaptation Practices in Vulnerable Countries

5 December 2019|Press Releases|

2711, 2019

Adaptation Fund’s New E-Learning Course on Direct Access Designed to Help Countries and Stakeholders Unlock Climate Finance

27 November 2019|Press Releases|

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