Press Releases

Press Releases

1710, 2019

Adaptation Fund Board Approves US$ 63 Million in New Projects, Including First Innovation and Scale-Up Grants

17 October 2019|Press Releases|

710, 2019

Adaptation Fund LDCs Representative Was Tireless Supporter of Climate Action for the Most Vulnerable

7 October 2019|Press Releases|

2509, 2019

Adaptation Fund Receives EUR 2 Million Pledge from Spain on Final Day of Climate Action Summit In New York

25 September 2019|Press Releases|

2409, 2019

Sweden Announces SEK 520 Million in New Pledge to Adaptation Fund, During UN Climate Summit

24 September 2019|Press Releases|

2309, 2019

Government of Québec Pledges CAD 3 Million to Adaptation Fund to Support Concrete Actions in Most Vulnerable Countries

23 September 2019|Press Releases|

509, 2019

Adaptation Fund Belize Marine Conservation and Resilience Project Featured in New York Film Academy Series

5 September 2019|Press Releases|

309, 2019

Adaptation Fund Convenes Workshop in Thailand Aimed at Enhancing Access to Climate Finance in Asia-Pacific Region

3 September 2019|Press Releases|

608, 2019

Adaptation Fund Brings Together 20+ National Implementing Entities Across World to Antigua to Further Adaptation Practices on Ground

6 August 2019|Press Releases|

2507, 2019

Adaptation Fund Opens Doors to Climate Finance to New National Implementing Partners in Zimbabwe and Tuvalu

25 July 2019|Press Releases|

2507, 2019

Adaptation Fund Board Approves 10 New Climate Adaptation Projects at US$ 93 Million in July Intersessional Decisions

25 July 2019|Press Releases|

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