Madhya Pradesh is situated in the central region of India, and is the second largest state in the nation. The state is mainly plateau land with the exception of valleys of the Narmada and Tapti rivers and interspersed with mountains of the Vindhyas and Satpura ranges. The state gives birth to the Narmada, Tapti and Mahi rivers and contains sub catchments of the Ganga, and Yamuna rivers. The total river length of 17,088 km and 3.98mha of water spread area in reservoirs represent the available resources of fisheries in the state. Of the available reservoir area, 98% has been brought under fisheries, including 0.64mha of rural ponds. Fisheries are a major source of employment for the rural population.

Objectives: The broad objective of the project is to make the fishery sector (captive inland fishery) adaptive to climate variability and enhance the adaptive capacity of the fish farmers to ensure their livelihood security in Madhya Pradesh, India. The project has following specific outcomes:

  1. Increasing water retention capacity of the tanks as an adaptive measure to address rainfall variability by modifying technical specifications;
  2. Diversification of fish species and temperature regulation of ponds as adaptive measures to a warmer climatic regime;
  3. Making small pond fisheries climate adaptation resilient through productivity enhancement by capacity building and institutional linkages;
  4. Preparing and disseminating evidence-based resilient climate change adaptation strategies for inland fisheries for small pond fish farming.

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Project Component 1: Adaptive measures to address rainfall variability US$ 682,000
Project Component 2: Building resilience through adaptation of climate resilient technology US$ 619,820
Project Component 3: Building climate resilience through enhancement of adaptive capacity US$ 87,080
Project Component 4: Knowledge generation and management US$ 118,995
Project execution cost US$ 143,192
Total Project Cost US$ 1,651,087
Implementing Entity Project Cycle Management Fee US$ 139,416
Grant Amount US$ 1,790,500


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