According to the Tunisia’s Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC-2015), Tunisia is considered to be one of the countries most exposed to climate change in the Mediterranean. The main risks which it is likely to confront are temperature increases, reduced precipitation, rising sea levels and escalating extreme weather phenomena (torrential rains, floods and droughts). These risks are likely to result in major environmental and socio-economic vulnerability that will particularly affect water resources, agriculture and natural ecosystems.

Objectives: This Adaptation Fund funded integrated natural resource management and livelihoods project will help ensure sustainable land management and improve the climate resilience of the rural climate vulnerable poor. The goal of the project is to contribute to poverty eradication in the Kairouan region through providing the rural poor the means to adapt to climate change through sustainable environmental management and livelihoods. The project will protect against the negative climate change impacts by simultaneously improving ecosystem functions, promoting sustainable land management (SLM) and protecting rural climate vulnerable livelihoods. The immediate objective is to increase household incomes through SLM practices such as reducing water losses, encouraging groundwater replenishment; reducing damage to productive land and rural transport infrastructure from the increased prevalence of damaging torrential rain; decreasing water insecurity; and introducing drought resistant agricultural technologies and alternative climate-proofed livelihood schemes.
Project Component 1: Access to basic services and strengthening of livelihoods USD 3,217,600
Project Component 2: Sustainable value chains through climate resilient water infrastructure USD 5,306,333
Project Component 3: Knowledge Management USD 160,000
Project/Programme Execution Cost USD 407,800
Total Project/Programme Cost (= Project Components + Execution Cost) USD 9,214,000
Implementing Fee USD 783,190
Grant Amount (= Total Project/Programme Costs + Implementing Fee) USD 9,997,190

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