UNDP Seychelles, March 11, 2021

Farming for Life

How climate action in the Seychelles is improving access to water and protecting against flooding

As a result of the changing climate, precipitation in the Seychelles has taken to falling in sharp bursts, creating heavy flooding in the wet season, and imposing extended periods of drought during the dry season.

With limited water storage capacity and a difficult topography constraining infrastructure, water supplies are heavily dependent on short-term rainfall.

Additionally, communities living along the coasts are vulnerable to flooding as a consequence of rising sea levels. During cyclone season this vulnerability is exacerbated by increased storm surges.

In response, an Adaptation Fund financed project, implemented by the Seychelles Ministry of Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment, with the support of UNDP, has focused on two key issues: water scarcity and flooding in 7 catchment areas.

The Adaptation Fund supports the ecosystem-based adaptation approaches of the project, as it showcases replicable and nature-based solutions in a SIDS context.

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