Beneficiary Stories

Argentina: Gabriel Demarchi

Main Issue: Wind and water erosion, soil degradation and drought in Levalle dry area.
Main Adaptation Measures: Soil fixation, sustainable livestock management and recovery of natural grassland.
Project: Adapting to Climate Variability between Pampa and Patagonia, Argentina

“My grandfather used to produce wheat here, but the soil affected by the wind and droughts started to erode,”

said Gabriel Demarchi, a farmer in the village of Levalle.

“Rains deepened the erosion, washing off the top layers of soil. After consultation with the Government experts, my father began planting perennial pastures and stocking forage to prevent further erosion. We stopped plowing soil and soil quality improved. In 2008, there was a catastrophic drought. The pastures dried out, but natural pastures withstood. This proved to us the value of natural pastures and demonstrated that they are adaptive to dry weather. Now we raise livestock.

With the Adaptation Fund Project, we are testing closure-systems in order to improve the quality of the natural grassland. That allows us to adapt naturally to the changing environmental conditions, improve the soil’s capacity to recover and, in turn, guarantee fodder for the animals both in quantity and quality.”

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