Beneficiary Stories

Argentina: Roberto Miller

Project: US$ 4.2 million Adaptation Fund project implemented by the World Bank in the Monte Patagones dry lands, Argentina, to increase climate resilience and sustainable land management

Main issue: wind and water erosion, soil degradation, drought and reduction of area covered with woody/perennial species

Main adaptation measures: Soil fixation through pasture recovery and deepening of the soil profile by using soil decompressor and natural fertilization through perennial leguminous plants.

“The Adaptation Fund project with the support from the Government allowed me to use a new tool to improve soil quality,”

said Roberto Miller, a farmer in the semi-arid Northern Patagonia region.

“After six months’ application of the soil decompressor we detected progress in soil recovery. The lowlands had been affected by the erosion, and could not be cultivated. With the new tool these areas are back in production. Now we use a perennial pastures approach, to maintain soil quality and ensure growth and improvement in roots structure. The results of the project are visible. I can now increase the planted area while the risk of erosion will be avoided for years.”

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