November 22 2013

Adaptation Fund surpasses $100 million fundraising target at COP19

November 1 2013

Environmental and Social Policy (ESP) approved – strengthens management of environmental and social risks in projects and programmes

March 19 2012

Adaptation Fund sets USD 100 million fundraising target for 2012-2013

June 22 2011

The West African Development Bank (BOAD) accredited as the first Regional Implementing Entity

February 1 2011

The Federal Republic of Germany grants legal capacity to the Adaptation Fund Board

January 21 2011

First Direct Access project launched in Senegal

December 15 2010

50% cap for budget allocation for funding projects submitted by Multilateral Implementing Entities established

September 17 2010

Adaptation Fund Board approves first two projects for USD 14 million

March 25 2010

UNDP and World Bank accredited as the first Multilateral Implementing Entities

March 25 2010

Accreditation of the first National Implementing Entity: Centre de Suivi Ecologique in Senegal

March 25 2010

Adaptation Fund operationalizes Direct Access, accredits first implementing entities and Issues call for proposals by the Parties

September 16 2009

Operational Policies and Guidelines adopted

May 22 2009

Adaptation Fund establishes a model in monetizing carbon emission reduction credits for adaptation

January 12 2009

Marcia Levaggi joins the Adaptation Fund Board Secretariat as its first Manager

March 26 2008

First Meeting of the Adaptation Fund Board

December 3 2007

The Adaptation Fund Board and other operational processes are created

February 16 2005

Kyoto Protocol enters into force

October 29 2001

Adaptation Fund is established to finance concrete adaptation projects and programmes in developing countries

December 11 1997

Kyoto Protocol is adopted at COP3 in Kyoto, Japan

January 6 1992

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is adopted and opened for signature in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil