Project Stories

Project Stories

703, 2023

[International Women’s Day 2023] PROJECT SPOTLIGHT STORY- Costa Rican Women Farmers Find Empowering Touch

7 March 2023|Project Stories|

2702, 2023

[Project Story] Floating farms are transforming life on India’s waterways

27 February 2023|Project Stories|

1811, 2022

[Project Story] Innovative adaptation project pays off for Upper Egyptian farmers

18 November 2022|Project Stories|

911, 2022

Youth Engagement is pivotal to climate adaptation programmes

9 November 2022|Project Stories|

111, 2022

Project Story- Adaptation Fund in Egypt

1 November 2022|Project Stories|

2908, 2022

Strengthening livelihoods of alpaca-producing communities in the region of Arequipa, Peru

29 August 2022|Project Stories|

2406, 2022

Fog catchers: improving Mexico’s climate resilience using traditional knowledge

24 June 2022|Project Stories|

1205, 2022

Mongolia flood defence project shows the way for urban adaptation

12 May 2022|Project Stories|

2604, 2022

Project Story: Adaptation Fund in the Seychelles

26 April 2022|Project Stories|

703, 2022

Early warning systems hold the key to disaster management in West Africa

7 March 2022|Project Stories|

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