The O´Higgins region includes 33 municipalities eight of which are chosen as project area: Paredones, Pichilemu, Marchihue, La Estrella, Litueche, Navidad, Lolol and Pumanque. According to climate change projections, O’Higgins region is located among the areas that will be most affected by precipitation decreases. The effects of climate change are projected to further exacerbate water scarcity and soil degradation that the small farmers of the area are already facing. Besides agricultural production, climate change will also affect ecosystem services and biodiversity intensifying the vulnerability of small and subsistence farmers to climate conditions.

Objectives: The main objective is to increase the resilience capacity of rural farm communities in the coastal and inner dry lands of the O´Higgins region with respect to actual climate variation and future climate changes. Specific objectives of the project are:

  1. To implement a capacity building and training system to increment the resilience capacity of farm communities vulnerable to climate variation and climate change with respect to cattle, crop, water and soil management.
  2. To implement measures and technologies for increasing water resources availability for rural communities in the coastal and inner dry lands of the O´Higgins region.
  3. To improve the decision supporting agroclimatic information management for actual climate and future climate changes for local MINAGRI professionals and farmer communities.

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Project Component 1: Capacity building in climate variability and climate change related to appropriate farming practices US$ 8,603,251
Project Component 2: Installation of an information system for agro-climatic risk management and climate change adaptation. US$ 406,748
Project execution cost US$ 450,000
Total Project Cost US$ 9,460,000
Implementing Entity Project Cycle Management Fee US$ 500,000
Grant Amount US$ 9,960,000


Project Documents

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