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206, 2023

Adaptation Fund at Bonn Climate Change Conference 2023

2 June 2023|News Multimedia|

2305, 2023

Notification to Adaptation Fund National, Regional and Multilateral Implementing Entities regarding Fund’s update on temporary measures taken as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic

23 May 2023|Press Releases|

2305, 2023

[Project Story] Adaptation Fund in India: Floating Farms Turning the Tide in India

23 May 2023|Project Stories|

1505, 2023

[Project Story] Adaptation Fund in Indonesia

15 May 2023|Project Stories|

2504, 2023

[CFAN]: CFAN celebrates first full approval of a project led by a CFAN Advisor

25 April 2023|In The News|

2004, 2023

BLOG: Adaptation Fund Fosters Nature-Based Solutions and Ecosystem-Based Adaptation, as it Celebrates Earth Day

20 April 2023|News Multimedia|

404, 2023

[Podcast]: In Conversation with Antonio Navarra, New AF Board Chair

4 April 2023|News Multimedia|

3003, 2023

Adaptation Fund Board Approves Implementation Plan for New 5-Year Strategy, Greenlights US$ 74 Million in New Projects

30 March 2023|Press Releases|

2203, 2023

New Study: Adaptation Fund paper shows resilience-building through food security interventions

22 March 2023|News Multimedia|

2203, 2023

Report of the Portfolio Monitoring Mission in the West Africa, Volta Basin – Benin, Cote D’Ivoire, Ghana

22 March 2023|News Multimedia|

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