Press Releases

Press Releases

1212, 2018

Adaptation Fund Breaks Single-Year Resource Mobilization Record with Nearly US$ 129M in New Pledges Received

12 December 2018|Press Releases|

2510, 2018

Adaptation Fund Brings Together National Implementing Partners to Share Knowledge in Effectively Adapting to Change on the Ground

25 October 2018|Press Releases|

1710, 2018

Adaptation Fund Board Moves to Accelerate Innovative Adaptation Actions through New Grant Funding Windows

17 October 2018|Press Releases|

1110, 2018

Adaptation Fund Well-Positioned to Help Accelerate Climate Actions, in View of UN Climate Report

11 October 2018|Press Releases|

310, 2018

New Project in Ethiopia Funded by Italy Replicates Model of Adaptation Fund-Financed Project in the Country

3 October 2018|Press Releases|

2709, 2018

Adaptation Fund Learning Showcased as 25 National Implementing Partners Gathered to Share Practices from Field at Annual Climate Readiness Workshop

27 September 2018|Press Releases|

1308, 2018

Funding Requests to the Adaptation Fund Hit Record High of US$ 264 Million

13 August 2018|Press Releases|

1807, 2018

Adaptation Fund Board Approves US$ 35 Million in New Projects, While Enhancing Access to Climate Finance

18 July 2018|Press Releases|

1704, 2018

Adaptation Fund Webinar to Share Country Experiences in Environmental, Social and Gender Approaches to Projects

17 April 2018|Press Releases|

304, 2018

Adaptation Fund Launches Pilot Initiative Providing Enhanced Support for Climate-Vulnerable Countries to Access Climate Finance

3 April 2018|Press Releases|

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