27th/28th Intersessional

The following documents are related to this meeting of the Board and its committees.

Board Documents

Document Code Title Attached files
AFB/B.27-28/1 Approval of revision of the budget for the project in Tanzania (UNEP) - Request for project revision
AFB/B.27-28/2 Report of the Twenty-second Meeting of the Accreditation Panel

Project/Programme Review Committee (PPRC)

Document Code Title Attached files
AFB/PPRC.18-19/1 Report of the Secretariat on Initial Screening Technical Review
AFB/PPRC.18-19/2 Proposal for Antigua and Barbuda
AFB/PPRC.18-19/2/Add.1 Project Formulation Grant for Antigua and Barbuda
AFB/PPRC.18-19/3 Proposal for Panama
AFB/PPRC.18-19/4 Proposal for Senegal
AFB/PPRC.18-19/5 Proposal for Niger
AFB/PPRC.18-19/6 Proposal for Uganda
AFB/PPRC.18-19/7 Recommendations of the PPRC