41st/42nd Intersessional

The following documents are related to this meeting of the Board and its committees.

Board Documents

Document Code Title Attached files
AFB/B.41-42/1 Report of the Adaptation Fund Board, Note by the Chair of the Adaptation Fund Board – Addendum
AFB/B.41-42/2 COP28 declaration on climate, relief, recovery and peace
AFB/B.41-42/3 Guiding Principles for Financing Climate and Health Solutions

Project/Programme Review Committee (PPRC)

Document Code Title Attached files
AFB/PPRC.32-33/1 Report of the secretariat on initial screening/technical review of grant proposals under the readiness programme
AFB/PPRC.32-33/2 Readiness package grant proposal to support national implementing entity accreditation for Kenya
AFB.PPRC.32-33/3 Recommendations of the PPRC on Readiness Grant Proposals