Technical Evaluation Reference Group of the Adaptation Fund (AF-TERG)

The AF-TERG is an independent evaluation advisory group accountable to the Board, established to ensure the independent implementation of the Fund’s evaluation framework. The framework establishes requirements for how Fund activities should be evaluated in line with international principles, norms, and standards. One of the AF-TERG roles is to also review the evaluation framework and provide advice on keeping it updated to conform to the highest international principles, norms, and standards.

While independent of the operations of the Adaptation Fund, the aim of the AF-TERG is to add value to the Adaptation Fund’s work through independent monitoring, evaluation and learning. More information on what we do can be found here.

The AF-TERG is comprised of an independent group of experts in evaluation, called the AF-TERG members, who are all functionally independent of the AFB Secretariat, Board, and Board committees. A small AF-TERG Secretariat provides support for the implementation of evaluations and studies part of the evaluative work program.

Short bios of AF-TERG members and AF-TERG Secretariat staff can be accessed here.


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