Germany and the Adaption Fund – A Story of Success for over 10 Years

Germany is the Adaptation Fund’s largest cumulative donor. As of December 2023, the German government had contributed more than 640 million USD to the Fund over more than 10 years of engagement.

Germany’s contributions to the Adaptation Fund form part of its broader commitment to international climate finance. In 2022, Germany devoted some 6.39 billion Euros from its federal budget to international climate finance in developing countries, exceeding a target of 6 billion Euros that Chancellor Olaf Scholz had pledged to meet by 2025. Also in 2022, Germany devoted 2.8 billion Euros of budgetary resources to international adaptation finance, up from 2.6 billion Euros in 2021. That reflects the German government’s efforts to strive for a balanced split between mitigation and adaptation finance.

“Climate change often hits poorer countries, which are not responsible for the high CO2 emissions of industrialized nations, particularly hard. It is therefore only fair that the costs of adapting to climate change be widely shared and that wealthy countries like Germany pay more,” German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said in 2022 at COP 27, when the German government announced a contribution of 60 million Euros to the Adaptation Fund. By contributing to the Adaptation Fund, Foreign Minister Baerbock added, Germany was “promoting greater climate justice.” Germany matched its contribution from 2022 with a contribution of another 60 million Euros in 2023. The Adaptation Fund is one of several mechanisms that Germany supports in order to advance adaptation and resilience in developing countries.

The German government is committed to directing climate finance to the communities that are most vulnerable to the climate crisis. It aims to provide climate finance that is efficient, accessible, inclusive, and in line with the principle of country ownership. The Adaptation Fund’s procedures and modalities support each of these priorities. As German Environment Minister Steffi Lemke said at COP 27, the Fund also enables countries to take measures that are “practical and effective.”

This information has been provided by the Government of Germany.


H.E. Jennifer Morgan, Germany’s State Secretary and Special Envoy for International Climate Action, at the 2022 Adaptation Fund Contributor Dialogue during the COP 27 Climate Change Conference in Egypt. PHOTO AF, 2022.


Contributions to the Adaptation Fund

Contribution Effective Date Total Contribution (US$)
September 2010 13,880,000
November 2013 27,150,000
December 2013 13,690,000
December 2014 62,290,000
December 2015 54,620,000
November 2016 52,260,000
December 2017 59,250,000
December 2018 79,640,000
December 2019 33,560,000
November 2020 59,350,000
October 2021 57,840,000
December 2022 63,740,000
December 2023 64,692,000
Grand Total 641,942,000


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