AF-TERG Work Update Reports

As part of the reporting to the Ethics and Finance Committee, the AF-TERG presents a work update report in conjunction with an oral presentation by the Chair of the AF-TERG, as frequently as deemed appropriate. This dedicated page provides an overview of subsequent Work Update Reports.


Adaptation Fund Evaluation Policy

The new Evaluation Policy of the Adaptation Fund is a Fund-wide policy that came into effect in October 2023 when it replaced the Evaluation Framework.

The purpose of the Evaluation Policy is to identify the fundamental expectations, processes, and protocols to support a reliable, useful, and ethical evaluation function that contributes to learning, decision-making, and accountability for the Adaptation Fund. The policy is supplemented with a detailed set of guidance notes to support its implementation.

The Evaluation Policy outlines the evaluation function for the Fund and its entities, and lays out the evaluation function’s goals, criteria, and principles. It also brings a more consolidated approach to stakeholder roles and responsibilities in relation to evaluation.

Evaluation guidance resources are available to facilitate the implementation of this policy in line with the Fund’s strategic priorities.

Relevant Documentation

Work Principles of the AF-TERG

These ten work principles were derived from the approved AF-TERG strategy and work programme where they were formulated as part of and throughout the guiding principles, strategic choices and work culture.






Strategy and Work Programme of the AF-TERG

Strategy and Work Programme of the AF-TERG 2025-2027

The second multi-year work programme of the Adaptation Fund Technical Evaluation Reference Group (AF-TERG), covering fiscal years 2025 to 2027, has been approved by the Adaptation Fund Board (Decision B.42/46) at its 42nd meeting in April 2024.

The work programme  outlines the management and implementation of AF-TERG’s work across three key lines of responsibilities aligned with the Evaluation Policy: evaluation generation with advisory and oversight, utilization of evaluations, and evaluation capacity building. Additionally, it presents an implementation plan, mechanisms for reporting and review, and an indicative budget.




Strategy and Work Programme of the AF-TERG 2021-2023

This three-year Strategy and Work Programme of the Adaptation Fund Technical Evaluation Reference Group (AF-TERG) presents the group’s first strategy and work programme covering fiscal years 2021 to 2023, ie. July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2023. The document was presented to the Adaptation Fund Board intersessionally between the first and second parts of its 35th meeting, and subsequently approved in June 2020. The three-year work programme is accompanied by a two-year budget, covering fiscal years 2021 and 2022. The budget was presented to the Board as part of the administrative budget.

The implementation of the work programme by the AF-TERG will be evaluated in fiscal year 2024, and in the interim feedback will be sought regularly from the Fund’s key stakeholders.

In March 2022 the Board approved at its 38th meeting an update to the work programme covering fiscal years 2023 (FY23)  and 2024 (FY24). The document brings up to date the current AF-TERG work programme for FY23 and adjusts timelines of existing and new work elements that span into FY24. It also provides an updated foundation for the two-year budget request for the AF-TERG for FY23 and FY24.


Terms of Reference of the AF-TERG

The Terms of Reference of the AF-TERG can be found in annex III of the report of the Thirty-First Meeting of the Adaptation Fund Board.

The Terms of Reference provide an overview of the AF-TERG mandate, composition, working modalities as well as criteria for the recruitment of AF-TERG Members, the development of a work programme and budget, and the relations with the Adaptation Fund Board Secretariat.






Evaluation Framework and related Guidelines (replaced by the Evaluation Policy)

The overall purpose of this Evaluation Framework is to explain concepts, roles, and use of evaluation within the Adaptation Fund and to define the institutional framework and the responsibilities of different entities participating in the Fund. Specifically, it establishes requirements for how Fund activities should be evaluated in line with international principles, norms, and standards.

A review and revision of the Evaluation Framework took place and was completed by March 2022. The new Evaluation Policy of the Adaptation Fund will replace the framework for new projects from October 2023 onwards.

These guidelines are based on international best practices and on a literature review of existing guidelines for similar projects and institutions. They also follow the Adaptation Fund Evaluation Framework minimum requirement on final evaluations.

These guidelines should complement the Implementing Entities’ own guidelines on final evaluations. These guidelines describe how final evaluations should be conducted, as a minimum, to ensure sufficient accountability and learning for the purposes of the Adaptation Fund.

The guidelines are neither comprehensive nor do they cover all technical issues and processes in conducting an evaluation. In no way should these guidelines be interpreted as a prescriptive manual for conducting final evaluations and preparing their reports.