Adaptation to Climate Change in Spanish Development Cooperation

Spain has supported the Adaptation Fund since its inception considering it an innovative instrument. The Adaptation Fund objectives are in line with the Spanish policies on climate change adaptation, both at the national level and at the international level through the Spanish Development Cooperation policies.

At the national level, the main policies and measures are carried out since 2006 by the Spanish National Climate Change Adaptation Plan (PNACC). This is the reference framework for the coordination of Public Administrations’ efforts dealing with the assessment of impacts, vulnerability, and adaptation to climate change in the Spanish sectors acknowledged as potentially affected (water management, agriculture, forests, biodiversity, coasts, health, tourism, etc.). The PNACC provides tools for assessment and for the development of more efficient adaptation actions.

At the international level, the policy undertaken with regard to the Spanish development cooperation falls within the “Spanish Cooperation Master Plans”. The IV (2013-2016) and the V (2018-2021) Master Plans of Spanish Cooperation both consider climate change a priority, highlighting the importance of addressing and supporting specific actions and projects, including on adaptation. Spain is fully committed to continue supporting adaptation in developing countries both through bilateral and multilateral channels.

Lastly, Spain continues to be very active in technical cooperation with regard to climate change in Latin America and the Caribbean through the Ibero-American Network of Climate Change Offices (RIOCC) and Spanish Cooperation’s ARAUCLIMA Programme. Considering the priorities identified by the RIOCC member countries, most of its activities carried out since 2007 have focused on adaptation.

This information has been provided by the Government of Spain.

Contributions to the Adaptation Fund

Contribution Effective Date Total Contributions(US$)
April 2010 57,060,000
December 2019 980,000
December 2020 1,370,000
June 2021 1,180,000
October 2022 29,210,000
January 2023 21,480,000
Grand Total 111,270,000


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