Early earning system installed through the AF-funded regional project in West Africa, Volta Basin. PHOTO AF 2023.


Switzerland’s Support to the Adaptation Fund

Switzerland’s climate finance supports low carbon development that is resilient to climate change and natural disasters for the benefit of most disadvantaged population groups. In this regard, with its focus on communities most vulnerable to the adverse impacts of climate change, the Adaptation Fund is a great fit. Switzerland has been a consistent partner, with virtually seamless multi-year contributions since the AF’s inception in 2010.

Contributions to the Adaptation Fund

Contribution Effective Date Total Contribution (US$)
June 2010 80,000
December 2011 3,190,000
November 2013 10,940,000
November 2019 15,310,000
February 2022 3,205,128
January 2023 3,272,965
January 2024 4,630,702
Grand Total 40,628,795


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