Capacity-building Hub “Means of Implementation Day” Paris Committee on Capacity-building (PCCB) roundtable on coherence and coordination

Date and Time Event Location Description Host(s)
December 3, 2019 Tuesday 1:15pm-2:45pm Advancing Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in climate finance


Global Environment Facilities (GEF)/Green Climate Fund(GCF) Pavilion Speakers: Gender expert speakers, including GCF gender specialist, GEF gender specialist, representatives of UN women and UNFCCC Secretariat gender team AF
December 4, 2019 Wednesday – December 5, 2019 Thursday MULTIMEDIA EXHIBIT: Viewing Projects on the Ground: Adaptation Fund(AF) Fosters Innovation and Youth Engagement in Projects Booth 13 The AF has accumulated 12 years and running of often pioneering and innovative concrete adaptation projects on the ground. View videos and photos of projects. AF
December 4, 2019 Wednesday 3pm-6pm COP 25 stocktake on Pre-2020 implementation and ambition: Supporting enhanced implementation and ambition of climate efforts up to 2020 Baker This session highlights efforts of the UNFCCC process to enhance climate implementation and ambition up to 2020.

AF Speakers: Ms. Sylviane Bilgischer, Chair, AF Board

December 5, 2019 Thursday 2pm Facebook Live Interview UNFCCC Pavilion (Hall 8) AF Launches New Scale-Up, Innovation and Learning Tools

Speaker: AF Manager

December 5, 2019 Thursday 3pm-4:30pm SIDE EVENT: Bridging the gaps between Climate Finance Access and Building Resilience on the ground
Climate Finance Access and project development


Archived Video

Room 2 AF launches a suite of tools aimed at unlocking adaptation finance through Direct Access: a state-of-the-art e-learning course along with a study on “Bridging the Gap on Accreditation and Re-accreditation”.

Speakers: AF Manager, AFB Chair, Developing country representatives

December 6, 2019 Friday 1:15pm-2:45pm SIDE EVENT: AF Fosters Innovation: Launches New Innovation Facility for Vulnerable Countries and Private Sector


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Room 4 Through its pioneering Direct Access modality, AF empowers countries to build their own capacities to respond to climate change. AF’s strategic pillars of Action, Innovation and Learning & Sharing are aligned with serving the Paris Agreement and SDGs.

Speakers: AF staff, business leaders, CSOs

December 6, 2019 Friday 4:30pm-5:30pm 


Lancement d’un module de formation en ligne sur (i) le processus d’accréditation, (ii) la mise en œuvre de la politique environnementale et sociale et (iii) la politique genre du Fonds d’Adaptation



Institut de la Francophonie pour le développement durable (IFDD) Pavilion AF Speakers: Mahamat Assouyouti, Silvia Mancini IFDD
December 6, 2019 Friday 4:45pm-6:15pm 


How to effectively channel adaptation finance to those most vulnerable to climate change

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Room 1 Different stakeholders from civil society will present best practices and challenges for effectively chanelling resources to communities most vulnerable to climate change. The AF NGO Network will provide recommendations on how to overcome existing barriers in the adaptation finance landscape.

Speakers: CSOs from Africa, Asia and Latin America representing the AF NGO Network, AF Secretariat

Indigo Development and Change/Adelphi Research (AR)/Development Alternatives (DA)/Germanwatch
December 9, 2019 Monday 10am-11am Reduciendo las brechas entre el Acceso al Financiamiento del clima  – Acceso a Financiamiento climático y al desarrollo de proyectos


Chile Pavilion Speakers: Ms. Sylviane Bilgischer, Chair, AF Board, AF staff, Profonanpe, AGCID, Fundecooperación AF
December 9, 2019 Monday 1pm-2:30pm Community of practice for direct access entities (CPDAE) – Strengthening Climate Finance with the Community of Practice of Direct Access Entities globally


Capacity Building Hub in Hall 4 Speakers: Mikko Ollikainen – Manager of the AF, Yannick Glemarec – Excutive Director at the Green Climate Fund, Claudia Godfrey – Chair of the CPDAE, Aissata Babou – Vice Chair of the CPDAE, Gabriel Quijandria – Viceminister of of Strategic Development of Natural Resources. Ministry of Enviroment of Peru AF
December 9, 2019 Monday 1:15pm-2:15pm AF Contributor Dialogue


Room 25 AF Speaker:Ms. Sylviane Bilgischer, Chair, AF Board, Mr. Mikko Ollikainen – Manager of the AF UNFCCC
December 9, 2019 Monday 2:30pm-3pm PRESS CONFERENCE: AF Launches Suite of New Tools to Enhance Access to Climate Finance for Developing Countries and Foster Innovative Adaptation Practices


CHILOE in Hall 10 Speakers from AF and implementing entities will provide examples of new learning tools that are available to promote accreditation of implementing entities as well as new grants that are available to foster innovation, action and learning in adaptation, including through the private sector. AF
December 9, 2019 Monday 5pm Climate Home News Video Interview


RCCC Studio (in GEF/GCF Pavilion) Interviewee:
Mikko Ollikainen – Manager of the AF
Climate Home News
December 10, 2019 Tuesday 9am-10am Boosting the development of water and climate projects: partnering for incubation Multilateral Development Bank Pavilion AF Speaker: Mikko Ollikainen – Manager of the AF International Network of Basin Organizations (INBO)/African Development Bank
December 10, 2019 Tuesday 1pm-2:30pm Launch of bulletin by providers of readiness and capacity-building support for adaptation


UNFCCC Pavilion Speakers: CTCN Co-Chair, PCCB Co-Chair, AF Board Chair, Ministers from developing country Parties AF/Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN)/PCCB
December 11, 2019 Wednesday 11am-11:30am INVITATION Interview at Climate Action Studio COP25


Hall 10 (in front of the Press Conference Room 1) AF’s niche within the international climate finance landscape, its concrete, scalable projects on the ground to the most vulnerable communities that contribute to the goals of the Paris Agreement, pioneering Direct Access modality that builds country ownership in adaptation, and new emerging tools and grants it is offering in climate action, innovation and learning that multiply the impact of its work. UNFCCC