28th AFB Meeting

The following documents are related to this meeting of the Board and its committees.

Board Documents

Document Code Title Attached files
AFB/B.28/1/Rev.1 Provisional Agenda
AFB/B.28/6 Strategic discussion on objectives and further steps of the Fund: Potential linkages between the Fund and the Green Climate Fund
AFB/B.28/Inf.5/Rev.1 Agenda of the Civil Society dialogue at the 28th meeting of the Adaptation Fund Board
AFB/B.28/Inf.6 Management response to the evaluation of the Fund (Phase 1)
AFB/B.28/4 Report of the Twenty-Third Meeting of the Accreditation Panel
AFB/B.28/4/Add.1 Report of the Twenty-Third Meeting of The Accreditation Panel: Updated Accreditation Application Form
AFB/B.28/2 Annotated Provisional Agenda
AFB/B.28/7 Options for a medium-term strategy
AFB/B.28/Inf.1 List of documents
AFB/B.28/3 Report on activities of the secretariat
AFB/B.28/8 Resource mobilization strategy
AFB/B.28/5 Report of the portfolio monitoring mission in Mongolia
AFB/B.28/Inf.3 List of observers

Meeting Reports

Document Code Title Attached files
AFB/B.28/9 Report of the Twenty-eighth Meeting of AFB (6-7 October, 2016)

Ethics and Finance Committee (EFC)

Document Code Title Attached files
AFB/EFC.19/.1/Rev.1 Provisional Agenda
AFB/EFC.19/12/Rev.2 Reconciliation of the administrative budgets of the Board and the secretariat, and the Trustee
AFB/EFC.19/.3 Annual performance report for the fiscal year 2016
AFB/EFC.19/.6 Draft updated knowledge management strategy and action plan
AFB/EFC.19/.8 Gender policy: revised operational policies and guidelines for Parties to access resources from the Adaptation Fund
AFB/EFC.19/.8/Add.1 Gender policy: Revised Annex 4 to OPG
AFB/EFC.19/.4 Updated options for the second phase of the evaluation of the Fund
AFB/EFC.19/10 Investment income earned by implementing entities
AFB/EFC.19/.5 Options for providing the Fund with an Evaluation Function
AFB/EFC.19/.7/Rev.1 Effectiveness and efficiency of accreditation process: gap analysis
AFB/EFC.19/.2/Rev.1 Annotated Provisional Agenda
AFB/EFC.19/11 AF Trustee Financial Report
AFB/EFC.19/.9/Rev.1 Proposed Ad Hoc Complaint Handling Mechanism (ACHM)
AFB/EFC.19/13 Report of the 19th meeting of the Ethics and Finance Committee for Board report

Project/Programme Review Committee (PPRC)

Document Code Title Attached files
AFB/PPRC.19/18 Proposal for Panama
AFB/PPRC.19/19 Proposal for Federated States of Micronesia
AFB/PPRC.19/21 Proposal for Lao People's Democratic Republic
AFB/PPRC.19/26 Proposal for Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama
AFB/PPRC.19/.1 Provisional Agenda
AFB/PPRC.19/.4 Report of the Secretariat on Initial Screening/Technical Review of Project and Programme Proposals
AFB/PPRC.19/.5 Prioritization Among Regional Project/Programme Proposals
AFB/PPRC.19/.6 Proposal for Namibia
AFB/PPRC.19/.6/Add.1 Project Formulation Grant for Namibia (1)
AFB/PPRC.19/.7 Proposal for Namibia (2)
AFB/PPRC.19/.7/Add.1 Project Formulation Grant for Namibia (2)
AFB/PPRC.19/10 Proposal for Ecuador
AFB/PPRC.19/11 Proposal for Republic of Marshall Islands
AFB/PPRC.19/15 Proposal for Antigua and Barbuda
AFB/PPRC.19/17 Proposal for India
AFB/PPRC.19/20 Proposal for Peru
AFB/PPRC.19/27 Proposal for (Colombia, Ecuador)
AFB/PPRC.19/27/Add.1 Project Formulation Grant for (Colombia, Ecuador)
AFB/PPRC.19/29 Proposal for (Mauritius, Seychelles)
AFB/PPRC.19/31 Proposal for (Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda)
AFB/PPRC.19/32 Proposal for (Cambodia, The Lao People's Democratic Republic, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam)
AFB/PPRC.19/33 Proposal for (Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda)
AFB/PPRC.19/29/Add.1 Project Formulation Grant for (Seychelles, Mauritius)
AFB/PPRC.19/.8 Proposal for the Dominican Republic
AFB/PPRC.19/.8/Add.1 Project Formulation Grant for the Dominican Republic
AFB/PPRC.19/.9 Proposal for Indonesia
AFB/PPRC.19/.9/Add.1 Project Formulation Grant for Indonesia
AFB/PPRC.19/12 Proposal for Togo
AFB/PPRC.19/13 Proposal for Fiji
AFB/PPRC.19/14 Proposal for Solomon Islands
AFB/PPRC.19/16 Proposal for Ethiopia
AFB/PPRC.19/22 Proposal for Paraguay
AFB/PPRC.19/23 Proposal for Benin, Burkina Faso and Niger
AFB/PPRC.19/24 Proposal for the Comoros, Madagascar, Malawi and Mozambique
AFB/PPRC.19/25 Proposal for Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Niger and Togo
AFB/PPRC.19/25/Add.1 Project Formulation Grant for Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Niger and Togo
AFB/PPRC.19/28 Proposal for Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan
AFB/PPRC.19/28/Add.1 Project Formulation Grant for Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan
AFB/PPRC.19/30 Proposal for Chile and Ecuador
AFB/PPRC.19/.2 Annotated Provisional Agenda
AFB/PPRC.19/.3 Report of the secretariat on the intersessional review cycle
AFB/PPRC.19/36/Rev.1 Report of the 19th meeting of the Project and Programme Review Committee
AFB/PPRC.19/34 Intersessional review of grants for projects under the Readiness programme
AFB/PPRC.19/35 Cancellation of the Readiness project and grant (MINIRENA, Rwanda)